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How to make an order

08 апр 2014 15:57
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How to make an order

1. Adding product to cart.

Добавление товара в корзину

Choose your favorite item and press the button with a picture of the cart, which is usually located next to the image of the goods.


2 . After adding the desired items to your cart, you can place your order.

Страница оформления заказа

To do this click the large button with a cart in the upper right corner.  In a menu that will appear with a list of your purchases click "Checkout ".

Note that after adding items to your cart at the bottom right of the window will be a small menu "Cart", indicating the number of your purchases. At any moment you can click "Checkout" and also get to the checkout page .

If you want to purchase only one item, it can be done immediately after adding to cart . Just click once on the cart icon, which became yellow.


3 . Making your reservation.

A. You will be taken to checkout page at the first stage which shows selected items and their quantity. Also there are discounts that you receive as well as have the opportunity to enter a promo code to get a discount (if you have one). (Read more about the system of discounts and current promotions you can read on the page "Shares")

Оформление заказа

B. In the second step of ordering you can register on the site or place your order without registration. The third option is to log into your Account. Your registration pluses are obvious: ordering next time you will not have to re-enter the delivery address and other data and all your purchases will be considered in the automatic system of discounts.


Оформление заказа. Доставка и Оплата

C. In the third stage it is proposed to choose the delivery method most suitable for you as well as specify the delivery address and contact details of the recipient.

Оформление заказа. Доставка и Оплата

D. The next step is prompted to select a method of payment that is most convenient for you. Details on the methods and terms of payment can also be read at this link http://hobbygames.ru/dostavka


Отправление заказа

E. After completing the application of discounts (including contact data) and selecting the method of delivery and payment click on the "Pay" button.



Done! Your order is issued.

An automatic notification will be sent on your e-mail with your order number and then manager will contact you to confirm the above information and details of the order.

For any questions you can contact by phone +7 ( 495) 540-43-46 or send us an email at sales@hobbygames.ru

Shipping is subject to correctly specified name, phone number, complete mailing address and a valid email address. Please be careful.